Bigg Boss Session 2 House Contestant List | telugu Big Boss2

Bigg Boss2 is a television reality show broadcast on hues channel in India. It follows the Big Brother format, which changed into first developed via Endemol inside the Netherlands. 

Big Boss2 Telugu Contestant list and rules:-

Host - Nani:-

Big Boss session2 Host Nani Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant 1;- Geetha Madhuri

Contestant 2;- Amit

Big Boss session2 Telugu Amit Tiwari Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestent 4 ;- Tanish

Big Boss session2 Telugu Tanish Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant 5;- Babu Gogineni

Big Boss session2 Telugu Babu Gogineni Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant 6;- Bhanu Sri

Big Boss session2 Telugu Bhanu Sri Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant 7;- Roll Rida rapper

Big Boss session2 Telugu Roll Rida rapper Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant 8;- Anchor Syamala

Big Boss session2 Telugu Anchor Syamala Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant 9;- Kireeti Damaraju

Big Boss session2 Telugu Kireeti Damaraju Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant 10;- deepthi sunaina

Big Boss session2 Telugu deepthi sunaina Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant 11;- Kaushal Manda

Big Boss session2 Telugu Kaushal Manda Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant 12 ;- Tejaswi Madivada

Contestant13;;- Samrat Reddy

Big Boss session2 Telugu Samrat Reddy Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant14;- Ganesh

Big Boss session2 Telugu GaneshWiki, profile More Details 

Contestant15;- Sanjana Anne

Big Boss session2 Telugu Sanjana Anne Wiki, profile More Details 

Contestant16;- Nutan Naidu

Big Boss session2 Telugu Nutan Naidu Wiki, profile More Details 

Big Boss Session2 Telugu Rules:-

Over eleven years, Bigg Boss 2 Telugu list has rolled out eleven seasons and one spin-off model. The present-day season, season 11, airs on colorations. Bigg Boss Session 2 Telugu List.

Bigg Boss is a truth display based totally on the authentic Dutch massive Brother format advanced with the aid of John de Mol. The house has no tv connection, no phones, no net connection, clocks, pen or paper.

Even as all of the regulations have never been informed to the target audience, the maximum outstanding ones are virtually visible. 

The inmates aren't approved to speak in another language than Telugu. they're now not supposed to tamper with any of the electronic device or some other issue in the house. 

They can't go away the residence premises at any time besides while authorized to. They cannot speak the nomination method with every body. They cannot sleep in day time.

sometimes, the housemates can be nominated for other reasons, consisting of nomination via a person who has finished unique privileges thru responsibilities or other matters, for breaking policies or something else. If something may be very extreme, a contestant can be evicted immediately.

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