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The sixth season of the most popular Telugu reality show Bigg Boss started on Sunday evening. King Nagarjuna has started as the anchor for the fifth consecutive time (together with Bigg Boss OTT), this reality show is ready to give new experiences to the audience. The show started at 6 pm on Star Maalo and started with Nagarjuna's grand entry.

Television actress Keerthy Keshav Bhatt entered as the first contestant of the sixth season of Bigg Boss. Keerthy Suresh entered the Bigg Boss stage by stepping to the private song 'Gandhari'. She was warmly welcomed by King Nag.

Who is Keerthy Keshav Bhatt ? Bigg Boss 6

Telugu audience doesn't know Keerthy Bhatt but they remember Bhanu. Keerthy Bhatt impressed with her amazing performance as Bhanu in the serial 'Manasicchi Chudu'. She reached the Telugu audience with her beauty and acting in this serial. 

Born and brought up in Bangalore, this Kannada beauty has been fond of movies since childhood. With that passion, she trained in acting and also learned dance. Kirti Bhatt who studied higher education. 

After completing her studies, she entered the Kannada industry and did three serials in a row. After that she also acted in movies. 

Recently, Keerthy, who entered the serial 'Karthikdeepam', is playing the role of Hima. Keerti, who lost her entire family in an accident six years ago, adopted a child named Tanu Bhatt.

Pinky as the second contestant Bigg Boss 6

Pinky alias Sudeepa entered as the second contestant. Sudeepa became famous by playing the role of Pinky in the movie Kushunaku Nachahav. Venky this is pinky in this movie is not all the fun with Venky. 

Sudeepa, who got full craze with this movie, learned classical dance in her childhood. In 1994, she entered the industry with the movie Dharmaraju MA under the direction of Raviraja Pinneshetty.

After that, she acted in movies like Ma Anayya and Alludugaru Atadim. She acted in films like Bommarillu, Stalin, Bindas, Mr. Perfect. Sudeepa mostly acted as the younger sister of the heroes. After that, she entertained in some serials on television as well. 

Sudeepa, who is married to a software engineer named Sriranganath, stays away from films after marriage. Now it remains to be seen how much it will please the audience with Bigg Boss-6.

The third contestant is Siri's boyfriend Srihan Bigg Boss 6

Srihan entered as the third contestant in the sixth season of Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss 5 contestant Siri's boyfriend is Sreehan. 

Sreehan made an entry with a chill bro song. Later, he went into the house singing the song 'Inthandam Dari Mallinda' for his girlfriend. He promised to gift Siri whatever he lost in the last season. And let's see if it will be fulfilled.

Who is Srihan? Bigg Boss 6

Popular as Siri's boyfriend in Bigg Boss season-5, Sreehan used to entertain with short films in the past. Along with Siri, he got recognition with many short films and YouTube videos. 

If the Siri-Shanmukh love track in Bigg Boss season-5 brought negativity to both of them, Srihan got it together. 

Srihan's words spoken on the Bigg Boss stage and the way he sang the song impressed everyone. Srihan, who is trolling Siri all over the social media, stood by her. 

Srihan, who is in the news as Siri's boyfriend, is likely to become a special attraction in Bigg Boss-6. It remains to be seen whether Srihan will come out of the show with positivity.

Neha Chaudhary as the fourth contestant Bigg Boss 6

As the fourth contestant, anchor Neha Chaudhary made an entry with a stunning dance performance. Rara.. Rakkamma rocked the stage with the song. Relationships are being taken seriously at home. I will get married in a few days. That's why Neha said that she came to experience the Bigg Boss show like this.

Neha Chaudhary, who started her career as an anchor, has created a unique image for herself on the screen. Coming from a sports background, she became a national champion in rhythmic gymnastics. However, due to her interest in the field of entertainment, she entered the television screen and anchored many shows. 

Neha Chaudhary has gained immense popularity as an anchor in the Indian Premier League cricket tournament (IPL). Let's see how Neha, who entertained anchoring on Bombay soil as a Telugu girl, will please the audience on Bigg Boss show next time.

Chlaki Chanti came Bigg Boss 6

Comedian Chalaki Chanti entered as the fifth contestant. He showed nothing before Chanti's entry. Mother died when I was young. Father left and left. My wife came into my life at such a time when I had a lonely life with ups and downs. 

My wife's parents thought that why should the movie give them a child when everything was set for the wedding. Then he quarreled with them and got married. Now they say my son-in-law is gold,' Chanty introduced himself.

Chalaki Chanty has won many fans with his comedic timing on the screen. As an artist, Chalaki Chanty became popular only with the popular comedy show, although he acted in many films. He got married in April 2016. On the one hand, it is to be seen how much Chanty, who entertains with many TV shows while acting in movies, will please the audience in Bigg Boss season-6.

The sixth contestant is actress Sri Satya Bigg Boss 6

Serial actress Sri Satya entered as the sixth contestant. Rocked the stage with a dance performance. Actress Srisatya real name is Mangalampalli Srisatya. She won the Miss Vijayawada title in 2015. 

With a love for acting since childhood, she entertained in a small role as the girlfriend of hero Ram in the film Shailaja. 

After that, it became more popular on the silver screen than on the silver screen. Known for serials like Muddamandaram, Trinayani, Ninne Pelladatha, Attarintlo Akka Chellellu, it remains to be seen how this beauty will impress in Bigg Boss season-6.

Arjun Kalyan as the seventh contestant Bigg Boss 6

Hero Arjun Kalyan entered as the seventh contestant. Arjun, who was introduced to the silver screen with the film 'Chinna Cinema' in 2013, acted in several short films. 

Arjun, who is known for his web series like Varadu Kavalenu, Upma Tehenesu, Missamma, has acted in movies like Playback and Pelli Koothuri Party. 

Arjun, who hails from Kovvur in Andhra Pradesh, completed his Masters from Kentucky University in the US. It has to be seen how far this show will go for Arjun, who entered Bigg Boss-6.

Geethu Royal as the eighth contestant Bigg Boss 6

Geetu Royal alias Galata Geetu entered as the eighth contestant. Geethu said that there are 3 reasons for coming to the Bigg Boss show. They are..

1. Lots of insecurities from childhood. I don't like my body. Even though he wanted to undergo an operation and come to the next season because he was fat. But with the support of my friends, I just entered.

2. I came to know myself. Earlier I used to give reviews on Bigg Boss show. Like that, what kind of reviews will be given to me now if I enter Bigg Boss? I came to find out for myself how I could actually be here

3. If I am top-5 on this stage and achieve something then I will give my third reason on that day

Geetu Royal.. a name that needs no special introduction for Jabardasth watchers. This talented actress, who is entertaining the television audience with her own sense of humour, entered the Bigg Boss house as the eighth contestant of Bigg Boss.

Abhinaya Sri as the ninth contestant Bigg Boss 6

Abhinaya Sri entered as the ninth contestant. She came on the stage by taking steps to the song 'A Idi Amalapuram' which made her famous. Actress Abhinayasree who made her debut in Tollywood with the movie Snehamante Idveera. Allu Arjun starrer Arya got a good craze with the song A ie Amalapuram. 

After that she acted in many movies like Shwetha Nagu, Atthili Satthibabu and Michael Madana Kamaraju. Apart from Telugu, she also acted in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages. She also entertained as a host on Tamil television shows like Junior Super Dance, Dance Jodi Dance, etc. 

She last acted in the movie Pandavlu in 2014. And it remains to be seen whether she will make a comeback in movies with the craze that came with Bigg Boss show.

Real couple as 10th contestants Marina Abraham. Marina Bigg Boss 6

Real couple Rohit-Marina came as tenth contestants. They came from different states and told their love story on stage. Marina's full name is Marina Abraham. Marina, who became popular with the serial 'America Girl', then acted in the serial 'Uyyala Jampala'. She won the 2017 Times Most Desirable Woman on TV Award.

On the other hand, Rohit, who started his career as a model, became popular with serials like 'Neelikaluvu', 'Abhilasha', 'Kinta Kooturne Kanali'. The couple fell in love during the shooting and got married in 2017. 

It is known that Varun and Vithika Sheru entered the house as a couple in Bigg Boss season-3. After that again now Rohit-Marina is making an entry as husband and wife. It remains to be seen how far this pair will win the hearts of the audience.

Hero Baladitya as the 11th contestant Bigg Boss 6

Hero Baladitya entered as the eleventh contestant. He introduced himself with a special AV. Later he told about his movie entry. 

He said that he has two daughters and the elder one likes Bangarraju movie very much. When Baladitya told him that the second baby was born recently, Nagarjuna surprised him by giving him a special gift. He gave a photo of his second daughter as a gift and sent it into the house.

Baladitya entered the industry as a child actor with the movie Edurinti Mogudu Pakkinti Pellam. In that movie, Baladitya's performance as the son of a pissed-off father Rajendra Prasad was entertaining. 

Baladitya, who impressed with his performance in many films like Jambalakidipamba, Hitler, Boyagaru, Bangaru Bullodu, Hello Brother, Samarasimha Reddy, became a hero with the movie ``Chantigadu''.

As a child artist, he acted in about 40 films, Jajimalli as the hero, 10 films including Ek Gramam and Bhadradri in 1940. 

He received the Nandi Award for the movie Little Soldiers in 1996. After that he became recognized as an anchor. He also excelled on the screen. Baladitya got married to a girl named Lakshmi Manasa. They have a daughter.

Vasanthi Krishnan as the 12th contestant Bigg Boss 6

Vasanthi Krishnan entered Bigg Boss as the 12th contestant. The host Nag cordially invited her on the stage as she came on the stage singing the song 'Rara Reddy'. 

Vasanthi Krishnan, who started her career as a model, first acted in Kannada movies. Vasanthi, who was introduced to Tollywood with the serial Siri Siri Muvvalu, then acted in the movie Cauliflower with Sampuranesh Babu. 

This beauty, who gained recognition with this film, has recently acted in the film 'Wanted Phaswadu', directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. 

It remains to be seen how well Bigg Boss 6 will help her career.

Character artist Shani as the 13th contestant Bigg Boss 6

The 13th contestant is character artist Shani alias Salmon. He said that he changed his name to Shani from the names of his five girlfriends. He said that he is a professional Khokho player and has also won a gold medal at the national level. 

He said that he met with an accident in 2003 and said goodbye to his career since then. At the same time, I went to auditions for Rajamouli's movie Sai. The day after getting the call that he was selected for the film, Shani became emotional as his mother died. 

Nag gave a small task to Shani who was going into the house. After entering the house, Nag condition was given that one housemate should be called a celebrity and also show one housemate and tell another contestant that he has taken a loan of Rs.3 lakhs from him.

RGV is the heroine as the 14th contestant Bigg Boss 6

14 Ramgopal Varma heroine Inaya Sultana has come as a contestant. Do you mean Mama Uoo Antawa and she gave a hot performance. 

Actress Inaya Sultana became popular overnight with her dance video with controversial director Ramgopal Varma. Although she acted in some films including 'Bujji Ilara' and 'Avyom Jagat', she did not get much recognition. 

But the dance video he did with RGV on his birthday went viral. With this, she got an offer from Bigg Boss. And will RGV support Inaya this season? Or so remains to be seen.

RJ Surya as the 15th contestant Bigg Boss 6

Another RJ has arrived in Bigg Boss. RJ Surya entered 'Bigg Boss' with a mass look as the 14th contestant in the sixth season of Bigg Boss. Sunkara Suryanarayana alias Kondababu alias RJ Surya. Born on 1 April 1991 in East Godavari district, RJ Surya belonged to a lower middle class family. 

RJ Surya was interested in mimicry since childhood. RJ Surya won gold medal for mimicry in a program held in Andhra University. Since then, Surya, who grew more fond of mimicry, worked hard towards it. He entertained many shows as a mimicry artist. 

He did small roles in Garuda Vega and Guntur Talkies. He continues as an actor, script writer and anchor. Let's see how RJ Surya, who can mimic the voice of around 100 heroes, entertains in the Bigg Boss house.

Jabardast Faima as the 16th contestant Bigg Boss 6

Jabardast comedian Faima entered as the 16th contestant. Faima made open comments on the stage that she was in love with comedian Praveen. Faima said that her family has been living in a rented house for 35 years. So he said that his life goal is to build a house for his family.

Lady comedian Faima entertains with her comedy timing in Jabardasth. Famed for Patas Show, Faima has gained a good reputation in a very short period of time. 

Even though many seniors are body shaming her, Faima laughs in her own style. You have to laugh heartily at her puns. Let's see how much Faima entertains with her own style of comedy in the Bigg Boss show.

Adi Reddy as the 17th contestant Bigg Boss 6

Adi Reddy, who is popular with Bigg Boss reviews, entered as the 17th contestant. He entered in the 

Common Man category. Adi Reddy was born in a normal middle class family of Varikuntapadu village in Udayagiri, Nellore. 

With the advice of a friend, he once uploaded a video giving a review on Bigg Boss season-2 and the video became popular. 

With this, he started his own YouTube channel and gained recognition with his analysis on Bigg Boss shows. And let's see how Adi Reddy, who is entering as a common man, will entertain in the Bigg Boss show.

Model Rajasekhar as the 18th contestant Bigg Boss 6

Model Rajasekhar entered as the 18th contestant. Rajasekhar also acted in Major movie along with Manasu Mamta serials. 

Moreover, it is reported that he is a good friend of Bigg Boss season-5 winner VJ Sunny. And let's see how this model Rajasekhar entertains in Bigg Boss-6.

Anchor Arohi Rao as the 19th contestant Bigg Boss 6

Anchor Arohi Rao alias Anjali made a grand entry as the 19th contestant. Arohi Rao alias Anjali from Warangal faced many hardships in her childhood. 

She expressed her grief that she grew up with hardships from childhood, and even though she tried to help, she was looked down upon. She said that when her mother died due to illness, her father married another woman and left her, so she grew up with her grandmother. 

Aarohi, who started her career as an anchor, gained recognition with short films. It gained popularity with Smart News. And let's see how this chalaki little one entertains in Bigg Boss.

Singer Revanth as the 20th contestant Bigg Boss 6

Famous singer Revanth entered Bigg Boss as the 20th contestant. When Nagarjuna asked if you are a good playboy just by coming, Revanth replied funny that his wife watches this show. 

Revanth said that he especially misses his wife and said that she is currently 6 months pregnant. 

King Nagarjuna surprised her by calling Revanth's wife on the stage. Meanwhile, he gained popularity with the song Manohari in Baahubali.
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